“Safety is our First Priority”

Nitro takes the health and safety of our people, stakeholders and the environment very seriously. Our top priority is our commitment to thesafety and health of our people, customers, and society in general by keeping our operations and products safe and secure.

We pride ourselves on a Company Culture that centers and cultivatescharacter development, education, accident prevention and compliance with our SHE Management System.

We see every person in every aspect of our business as a valued member of our family where everyone looks out for their brothers andsisters.
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Following the commitment to the SHE policy in this period where we are faced with the defining challenge of climate change, Nitro is aligned with the National Environmental Management Council in the implementation of the National Environmental Policy and Action Plan. Through continual improvement,

We understand that achieving our mission and vision requires integrated environmentally and socially sustainable decisions and actions at all company levels.

We have intensified our commitment to this cause through our updated and newly developed roadmaps, targets, and ambition for the short, medium, and long term with a focus on;

➢ Minimal pollution and disturbance from ambient conditions. ➢ Transparency, Community Engagement and Participation.