Consultation & Designing


Nitro offer Mining consultants  expert services to support existing or prospective mining projects. They provide knowledge, expertise, guidance, and coordination related to mining strategy and operations.

Challenges include evacuation of their mining places be one of them. Access to credit and finance to small scale miners. Lack of equipment and machinery. Lack of skills on the mining sectors and lack of market information.

rather than this also proving different approach even in agriclture sector the proper way our to prepare and growing up you farm inorder to get nice good outcome at the the end of the agriculture activies.

They have special special booster which can support and growing up your crops well as we have see in  our some our web pages and they supplier of thet booster to the ultimate user (Consumer).


Nitro design, analyse and Visualised surface and underground blasting with our software so, we monitor seismic vibration during blasting as it important for constructions as it helps to ensure the safety of surrounding structures and communities.